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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to being injured by the negligence of other drivers. Professional bus and truck drivers, as well as everyday automobile drivers owe a reasonable duty of care to pedestrians. What that means is that drivers must exercise reasonable care in watching out for pedestrians, whether on the roadway, in a parking lot, a crosswalk, or a driveway. Failure to exercise such care is negligence; when that negligent action results in a pedestrian being injured, that negligent driver is responsible for those injuries and that pedestrian may be entitled to fair compensation.

Injuries suffered by pedestrians can range from soft tissue injuries, to broken bones, to spinal injuries, loss of limbs, serious internal trauma, or even death.

Sometimes the negligent and responsible party acts even more irresponsibly, and leaves the scene of the collision. Commonly referred to as “Hit and Run,” in California, this is a crime and can greatly affect how your claim is handled, depending on whether the responsible party is ever identified, for example, and/or you have sufficient Uninsured Motorist Protection.

If you are a pedestrian and injured in a collision due to another person’s negligence, you should seek medical attention immediately, then call Tafreshi Law Group to schedule a complimentary consultation with our lead injury attorney.

Steps to Take After Being in a Pedestrian Accident

If you’re involved in a pedestrian accident in California, it’s crucial to take certain steps to protect yourself and your legal rights. First, seek medical attention immediately, even if your injuries seem minor. Next, if possible, document the scene by taking photos of the accident, including any vehicles involved, road conditions, and traffic signs. Exchange contact and insurance information with the driver and any witnesses. It’s also important to report the accident to the police and obtain a copy of the accident report.

After receiving medical treatment, consider contacting a pedestrian accident lawyer in California to understand your legal options and seek compensation for your injuries. Remember to keep all medical records and documentation related to the accident for your lawyer’s review. By following these steps, you can ensure that your rights are protected and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In California

Pedestrian accidents in California are often caused by several common factors. One major cause is distracted driving, where drivers are not fully focused on the road due to texting, talking on the phone, or other distractions. Another significant factor is speeding, especially in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

Additionally, failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections is a frequent cause of accidents. Poor visibility, such as poorly lit streets or obstructed crosswalks, can also contribute to pedestrian accidents. Finally, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs remains a significant issue leading to pedestrian collisions. Understanding and addressing these key causes are essential steps in preventing pedestrian accidents and improving safety on California streets. Read More….

How A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California Can Help You

A pedestrian accident lawyer in California can be a valuable ally if you’ve been injured in an accident. They understand the complexities of pedestrian accident cases and can guide you through the legal process with ease. Their expertise allows them to investigate the accident thoroughly, gathering evidence to support your claim. They can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, working to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and other damages. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, they are prepared to advocate for you in court.

With a pedestrian accident lawyer in California by your side, you can focus on your recovery while they handle the legal aspects of your case, providing you with peace of mind during a challenging time.

Contact Us For An Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In California

Contact Tafreshi Law Group if you need an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in California to represent you. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that come with being involved in a pedestrian accident, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you were injured in a crosswalk, parking lot, or on the sidewalk, we will fight tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Tafreshi Law Group today for a free consultation with one of our skilled pedestrian accident lawyers.


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